Friday, July 29, 2011

Can You Say Science Fair?

So apparently, given practically no help on account of my lack of knowledge of scientific terms in Portuguese, my students can still churn out amazing science experiments fit for a science fair. The best included: making ethanol in a banana tree root, making sunflower seed oil, making a lever that moves with electricity, making a homemade alarm system, and using local plants as a “remedy” for stomach pains. It was a great day, with 26 participants from two schools, my girls group doing activities about the biology of and preventing HIV, and 71 people getting tested for HIV. A lot of students came to observe and hopefully something was learned and some nerdy, science fun was had.

5 of my students, the winners, went to the provincial science fair at our provincial capital, Quelimane last weekend. And one of my students, who is also in my class, came in third place! It was a great weekend, giving the kids a chance to travel, meet up with other high schoolers, and compete in an intellectual competition, which is a rare occasion here. I am super proud of all the participants!

After a half dozen different internet connections and a half dozen photo-upload failures (leading to my delayed posting), I have decided that photos of the science fair are apparently not going to make it online at this time. Maybe soon!

Also, my parents have indeed arrived here in Mozambique. They will be updating my blog with a post of their own soon with their experiences, observations, and photos!


  1. Yes! I'm so happy the blog is back in action. Congrats on the science fair. And that is SO exciting that papa and mama tiggs are in town!

  2. That's so awesome Annie!! You must be so proud of your students. Can't wait to see pictures, you know how I love nerdy science extravaganzas :)